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No abalone may be taken, landed, or possessed if landed south of this line.”  Also, the Bay Scallop (Argopecten aequisulcatus) may not be collected.


Are there specific size or quantity limits?


Certain species have size and/or "bag" (quantity) limits


· Washington Clams (Saxidomus nuttalli) - limit of 10 clams


· Geoduck (Panope generosa) - bag limit of three


· Littleneck Clams (Protohaca sp.), Chiones, Soft-Shell Clams (Cryptomya californica) and Cockles (Cardiidae) - limit of 50 in combination. Must be at least 1 1/2 inches in diameter (except for the softshell clams that have no size minimum)


· Pismo Clams -(Tivela stultorum)- limit of 10. Must be four and one-half inches in greatest shell diameter south of the boundary between San Luis Obispo and Monterey counties.


· Razor Clams (Tagelus sp., Solen rosaceus) - limit 20.


· Mussels (Mytilus sp., Modiolus sp.) - limit of ten pounds in combination.


· Rock Scallops (Crassadoma gigantea) - limit of 10. "Rock scallops may be taken only by hand, by the use of dive knives, or by devices commonly known as abalone irons…”


· Moon Snails (Polinices, Neverita, Euspira, etc.) - limit of five. “moon snails may not be taken north of the Golden Gate Bridge.”

California Shells


Shell Collecting in California:

The rules and regulations, continued


Are there any restricted species?


Currently, there is a moratorium on collecting abalone in Southern California. To be more exact, “Abalone may only be taken north of a line drawn due west magnetic from the center of the mouth of San Francisco Bay.